Week of Words… 28th October

Monday 28th October: Rabbits

Go out into the garden and hop around the garden like a bunny.  Eat carrots and lettuce for a snack.

Tuesday 29th October: Birds birds

Print out a picture of a bird. Decorate it with crayons and stick on some feathers.

Wednesday 30th October: Fish

Fill a glass bowl with water. Add some rocks and some plant cuttings. Twist aluminium foil into fish shapes and float them in their tank.

Thursday 31st October: Self Portrait

Ask your child to draw you a picture. Discuss the body parts they drew, and compare it to last month’s picture.

Friday 1st November: Nature Walk

Stroll around the block and look at the trees, plants, flowers, sky and people. What differences are there from last month?

Saturday 2nd November: Bedroom Vocabulary bedroom vocabulary

Tour the bedroom to learn object names: bed, sheets, doona/quilt/rug/blanket, cupboard/wardrobe, drawers, bookshelf.

Sunday 3rd November: Bedtime Play

Take turns at playing at being the mum and the baby going to bed.

Have fun!


~image 1 source~

~image 2 source~