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  1. Growing Book by Book

    Thanks for linking to my site. You have lots of great ideas listed here.

  2. cd

    This is a spelling idea I found online. I don’t have the original source anymore to credit. Anyhow, similar to your Christmas tree puzzles I wrote each of my daughter’s spelling words twice on a note card. I cut apart one of the copies and put it in a plastic easter egg, so there are 10 eggs with the letters to a spelling word in each egg and 10 notecard strips with the spelling words written on them. I hide the eggs around the house. My daughter finds them and opens each egg, finds the word she thinks the letters spell, and puts together the letters from the egg to spell the word. Next she reads the word Then she puts the letters back into the egg and puts it with the matching word strip back into the plastic bag we store them in for next time. She is good with reading sight words but REALLY dislikes spelling, and yet she asks to play this game several times a day.

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  4. Change one! A CVC game

    [...] Miss Six is now loving her reading and writing. She is now confidently reading three-letter CVC (consonant – vowel – consonant) words, and becoming more interested in longer words, including her sight words. [...]

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