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So far so good.  We have been settling into our life as a family with three children, and (fingers crossed) we are starting to get a bit of a routine going.  Which means that I can resume posting here on play talk learn.

Thanks so much for hanging on here while I’ve been away.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed the tour of some of the older, popular posts – especially the one about the $2 therapy tool that I sent twice – it must have been good to get a repeat showing!!

Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve had time to sit and explore the internet (often in the middle of the night with a small baby at my side!) and found some more fabulous websites to add to our links page. This week I’ll take you on a quick tour of the parenting sites I love, and next week I’ll show you some speech pathology specific sites.

Childhood 101

I’ve been reading this Perth-based blog for a couple of years and am regularly encouraged by the ideas suggested by Christie and her team.  She promotes a gentle, play-based childhood, with lots of art and creativity.  Check out tips for teaching children facts playfully and more things to do instead of turning on the TV.

Not Just Cute

The tag line for this site – “intentional whole child development” sums it up.  Full of inspiration about how to be a better parent and educator for your children, I especially enjoy the weekend reads, which link out to many other insightful and thought-provoking articles.  Check out this article on how to make flashcards fun!

Modern Parents Messy Kids

This site covers the breadth of parenting and being a mother, and is also written by a speechie.  I especially love her learning language resource guide – complete with printables!

Simple Kids

Part of the Simple Living stable of websites (including Simple Mom, Simple Homeschool, Simple Homemade and Simple Design), Simple Kids also covers the breadth of topics faced by parents of babies through to teenagers. Recent quality posts include a toy review, craft and book recommendations. You are sure to find something of interest at this site or one of their affiliates – you can spend hours going through their archives of wisdom!

What about you?  What are your regular reads that encourage you to parent your kidlets – with and without speech and language difficulties?


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  1. Amanda @Not Just Cute

    Thank you for listing me among some of my own favorite blogs! And congrats on baby number 3. I also had a new baby recently (as did Christine at Childhood 101). So I can absolutely relate to adjusting to a new normal!

  2. Speech Pathology Sites

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