Multisyllabic Word Picture Cards

What does it contain?

  • 214 multisyllabic words and phrases
  • 19 pages of printable words with matching pictures
  • Over 190 nouns
    • 45+ household items
    • 30 animals
    • 25+ food and drink names
    • 20+ occupations/titles/hobbies
    • 15 transport vehicles
    • 10+ places/locations
    • 10 category names
    • 8 musical instruments/toys
    • 5 time words

How is it organised?

  • 3 PDF documents
    • 144 3-syllable words and phrases (12 pages!)
    • 56 4-syllable words and phrases (5 pages)
    • 13 5-syllable words and phrases (plus a bonus 6-syllable phrase!)
  • Organised alphabetically within each file

Why are some phrases included with the words?

Some phrases are heard, stored and produced as a single unit, just like a word.

For example, this pack includes phrases such as ‘hot air balloon’ and ‘question mark’, which are treated as a multisyllabic word, even though they are, strictly, phrases.

Why are they picture cards?

For fun!

There are lots of multisyllabic word lists out there, for children to practice reading, writing and speaking.  Whilst these lists do have their place, they’re pretty useless for kidlets who can’t read or write yet!  I’ve used multisyllabic words with in therapy with lots of children, but most are either too young to read the words for themselves, or they are experiencing literacy difficulties that hamper their ability to read.

By pairing the words and pictures, it is easier for the kiddos to comprehend the word that you are practising.  It also helps them make beginning links between the concept and the written form, developing their early literacy skills. It will also help them generalise the target words in their speech during the day.

Plus, it makes it easier to play games with them!  I wrote about how I am using them with my daughter here.

Check them out!

Only need a few words to practice? Want to see what I’ve made?  Interested in buying them but want to check them out first?

Download the first page of the 3-syllable words and the 4-syllable words and have a play!

Want to buy the whole lot?  You can download all 214 words for the grand total of US$3 by clicking on ‘add to cart’.
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